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Sass E. Sisters

Better Results, Without Chemicals

Sass E. Sisters is located in the beautiful wilderness of Western North Carolina and supplies all-natural, handmade skin 

care products created on principles of quality ingredients, artistic originality, customer satisfaction, and consideration for 

the environment. I established Sass E. Sisters in order to provide beautiful, quality skin care products as an alternative to
harsh, boring commercial grade products.  I want items that enliven the senses as well as restore health to 

the body. Unfortunately, when it comes to skin care, health is often sacrificed for luxury, or vice versa.  Yet I want both,

luxury and health. You could say, I am a flats-wearing, home-school mom of four, who likes to think she's wearing stilettos.

As you can imagine, practicality and comfort win more times than I like to admit. Therefore, I am passionate about 

creating items that are both luxurious and healthy...chic and comfortable.  These natural, handmade products 

are fashioned with visual creativity and the nourishing properties of essential oils…the perfect marriage of stilettos and 

flats. What can I say, we at Sass E. Sisters like having it all.