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What are People saying about Sass E. Sisters?

  • "This body butter is like heaven in a jar! I'm LOVING IT!" exclaims Holly Berrier.

  • "I use the body serum, particularly for my feet. Having diabetes causes circulation issues. My feet look like they are the skin of a 30-year old, and I'm more than twice that age. I highly recommend it!" remarks Norm Davis.

  • "Absolutely love these products and use them every day!" admits Jenni Shuler.

  • Holly Davis states, "Quality skin care. Love the face/hair serum and body butter."

  • Ashley Brown says, "I love Sass E. Sisters' products. Since I started using the bar soap on my face, I have seen a major improvement in my skin. I had some issues with acne, and it has cleared that up. The face and hair serum has helped me have clear skin, and I also use it on my hair for a sleek and healthy look. Love it!"