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Natural Perfume Blending

Natural perfume blending can be described as a musical

harmony or as love through the ages. Since I know little about music,

I will describe it in terms of love. The top note is the scent of love at

first sig
ht. These
oils make the first impression. The middle notes are

the scent of love as it strives to balance the
stress of various roles.

These essential oils balance top and base notes. The base note

essential oils are the scent of love that has endured the tests of time.

These oils
are deep and last the longest. Most natural perfumes are

a combination of essential oils from each category.

If you choose to create your own natural perfume, simple click

on PerSCENTality under the NATURAL PERFUME heading. You will

then be able to choose a base, middle and top note essential oil. You

may also choose to "not include" a certain note. We here at Sass E.

Sisters will then blend the oils and send your natural perfume your

way in a convenient glass roll-on bottle.