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What is "Flora Friendly Skincare"?
Did you know your skin has an ecosystem? This ecosystem consists of microorganisms that work together to protect the body from infection and maintain balance. As I sit on my front porch here in Western NC, it is easy to see how the world works together in such beautiful balance. Each plant or animal is actively adding to the equilibrium of the environments’ ecosystem. Conservationists are concerned about endangered plants and animals not merely for the sake of the individual plant or animal, but also for the whole ecosystem. The environment is thrown off balance when one creature dominates or deceases. The same is true for the skin. Flora is simply a more pleasant way of saying bacteria. The different types of flora are dependent upon each other, and we are dependent on the flora for a strong immune system. The skin’s microbiome (the combination of trillions of flora) help fight infection.

What happens when we use skincare protects with preservatives and other chemicals? The skins’ ecosystem is thrown off balance. Our skin was never meant to be a sterile environment, yet we have believed the lie that antibacterial everything is good. To ensure a healthy balance for our skin, we need to make sure we are creating a friendly environment for helpful, immune boosting flora. The body does this naturally, we must stop putting preservatives and other destructive chemicals on our skin, and let the flora do its job.

You have heard the metaphor, “Oil and water just don’t mix”. Well, it’s true! Unless one uses emulsifiers and preservatives. The simplest way to know if a preservative is in your skincare is to look for water in the ingredient list. With soap as the exception, skin care with water as an ingredient must have a preservative.

What if we rethought our skin care regiment? What if we stopped paying for water and chemicals? What if we invested in the ecosystem of our skin and used products that promoted skin balance and a healthy immunity? What if we simplified our skincare and used simple ingredients with the expectations of getting better results. Sass E. Sisters believes we can get better results, without chemicals. Will you join the Sisterhood?